5 Ways To Keep Your Goals REAL

It's the 10th day of 2018 and #NationalGoalWritingDay was December 27th, 2017. What is that?  *Description Links* Have you thought about your goals? or are you entering the new year with no specific plan, no vision or hope?  Maybe all the amazing things you want to do are really overwhelming and you don't know where... Continue Reading →

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#TheMomLife: Co-Parental Control

Let me be honest when I dreamed of having kids, it involved a tall handsome number that adored me and our baby.  We took the coordinated outfit pictures and tag teamed reading bedtime stories. When I decided the energy I was putting into my romantic relationship to make it work would be more beneficial by... Continue Reading →

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How Will God Use Your Boat?

  After arriving home from the hospital, I was overwhelmed with thoughts and feelings of how God has moved in my life.  This flare was life-changing; it was life-threatening. I felt God’s anger toward me and thought, “Well this could be it.” It felt like so much punishment and I had to deal with it.... Continue Reading →

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Measure x Measure

Measure x Measure How real is your faith? Good Evening! I might ask for your forgiveness on this post because it is BEYOND late. My stay in Dallas took a  lot of different turns but nonetheless all a blessing. My reason for this post is simply for two reasons: I needed to step out of... Continue Reading →

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#TheThriftLife: Goodwill Haul & Contest!

CONTEST CLOSED! Hi, Lovelies! I'm so excited to be stepping into May with you all and I'm even more ecstatic to share my goodies with you!.. not those goodies.. About two weeks ago I went on a total shopping spree... to the Goodwill. Yes! I am about that thrift life. I love finding weird, different... Continue Reading →

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Use him and Lose Him

Have you ever heard the phrase, "It's not a blessing if you had to sin to get it."? Are you in a relationship? Like a real reciprocative relationship? Like you like him, he likes you and the whole thing is a mutual relationship. If so this blog is not for you. I want to talk... Continue Reading →

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Musical Muse: Nani – San Diego’s Realist

Yo! #Visionistas! I’m screaming H A P P Y FRIDAY! We made it through another week and I’m truly excited about the process! I know all of you have been boomin’! Getting things done throughout the week and probably even stressing... But guess what?! You made it! To God be the Glory!   Well I... Continue Reading →

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A Musical Muse: Noname

Good Morning, Good Afternoon, Happy Weekday, and Good Evening to my fellow Visionistas & go-getters! I hope you all have been enjoying your week getting your WERK done and living life to the fullest! If you didn't know, I am a music troll. I love all kinds of music. From production to writing to performance and... Continue Reading →

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Be Pure Blooded – A Juice Recipe

Hi friendly people! If you didn't know, I was diagnosed with lupus in 2014. I've been through so many test and now more doctors appointments that I ever thought was possible. My whole thang is, I want to be at optimal health and I want to be able to help others. So that's what I'm... Continue Reading →

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Update: My current Reign!

Hi Visionistas! I have been doing a terrible job at keeping content in rotation for my blog. I made it difficult for myself to post because I wanted a full content calendar with themed months and all the glittery things that went with it. Then I was laying in my bed the other night and... Continue Reading →

A New Level of Faith

When your faith has is tested it's for a reason. It's for the glory of God. How you respond is how much you will be blessed. In 2018, is a time for new faith, MORE faith, more belief, more risk. In 2018, ask yourself, Are you at a new level of faith? How did you... Continue Reading →

A Woman’s Worth: Paint & Sesh

It's March Y'all! It's really March! Wow! 2018 is going to be a wonderful year. Hence why I've been SO busy building brands and creating content for outside sources that I haven't been able to spend time with you all. Well, here we are! March is the month of ACTION. I call it, "Spring Into... Continue Reading →

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