Be Pure Blooded – A Juice Recipe

Hi friendly people!

If you didn’t know, I was diagnosed with lupus in 2014. I’ve been through so many test and now more doctors appointments that I ever thought was possible. My whole thang is, I want to be at optimal health and I want to be able to help others. So that’s what I’m doing now. I recently purchased a book on natural healing. It’s like the Bible of natural remedies and well, I actually line it up with scripture when reading it.

With Lupus my immune system and blood flow can be affected to the point where walking to the bathroom will cause me to lose my breath — quickly. Hence why I’ve become a homebody. Unfortunately. But I think I’ll get out more since the launch of this blog.

Learn more about Lupus here

So I planted some aloe vera from my front yard to my back yard. Aloe is a blood cleanser and usually an immunity booster.

So I made a recipe. I hope you enjoy it!


2 Large Oranges

1 Tablespoon Cinnamon

2 stocks of Aloe Vera Gel from plant


Depending on the type of juicer or blender you have. Juice oranges with or without peeling.

Use blender to mix Aloe Vera gel

Add cinnamon

Let chill overnight


Tweet or share your juice with me on IG! #BePureBlooded and let me know what you think! I’m excited to share this goodness with you all!


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