#TheMomLife: A Single Mom’s Biggest Fear – FB Discussion

Caleb, 8

Hi wonderfuls! It’s Friday, you made it through another week and we have so much to talk about. First, just about a week ago, a poor child lost his life in an elementary school shooting right in my backyard. Monday, April 10th, a man walked into North Park Elementary School in San Bernardino, CA and shot his estranged wife then killed himself. Two children were injured and rushed to the hospital while one survived and unfortunately, one did not. I didn’t want to start this post like this but I did not see this coming. 

North Park Elementary Story 


I’m a single mother who is blessed with a great support system. But that does not stop the fact that I have to be the “bad guy” sometimes while training, disciplining and nurturing a young boy who I expect to go out into this world and be great because God has a calling on his life. Living as a single mother has completely changed my perspective of life and well, I would like to think that I was built for it.

Relationships work according to God’s Plan and I truly believe that. -Brittney Parker


Not to say that I am never going to date or get married; because I hope that I do, but for some reason, I feel as though, I was built to raise a son. In my opinion living as a single mother is a blessing. It feels okay to me. As the lobby plays Single Ladies by Beyonce, I had to dance because there is a peace within me until that right time comes.


But what does it really feel like? What does raising children by yourself really hit home? When you forget to teach your son that he has to raise the toilet seat when he uses the bathroom or else Mommy will fall in. It may be funny to him but he would be the only one laughing, in his room, to himself. Single Mom Life is overwhelming. It’s emotionally, physically and mentally overwhelming — most of the time.


Sometimes, we need a break. Like a huge one. We need help and of course, we need to feel like we are not alone. Not by the company of men but women who understand.


But my question was…

Well,  a few single mom’s had something to say. But it seems like the answer is the same. This is not a bad thing of course. But now that we look at what is going on in the world. I think our concern should be off of us. I believe that as a woman; if we truly fear to fail our children, we have no chance at doing so. Why? Because we are aware and alert of this fear. We will work and do everything possible to fill the gaps and voids of potentially failing our children. We will constantly be thinking and on our toes.

I added the guy’s perspective because it was very enlightening. 

Now it’s time to pray and intercede. Failure isn’t the problem. Protection and provision are the focus. I hope we can change our focus and carry out the plan that God ordained. We are already great mothers. Let’s be praying mothers.


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