Musical Muse: Nani – San Diego’s Realist

Yo! #Visionistas! I’m screaming H A P P Y FRIDAY! We made it through another week and I’m truly excited about the process! I know all of you have been boomin’! Getting things done throughout the week and probably even stressing… But guess what?! You made it! To God be the Glory!


Well I know I’m excited about today’s feature because music is life and my girl Nani from San Diego blessed me with her new single “Lucky” this week and she was so kind enough to allow us to step into her world for a brief moment. 

How did you know singing was your thing?  

  • When I was a young girl, maybe 6 or 7, I would sing for my mom and my aunties in the living room! It was the best! My favorite song to sing to them was “Killing Me Softly”. I would do the Lauryn Hill version-ad libs and everything! As I got older I realized that music was my God given talent and purpose. I do not feel complete without that aspect of my life!

What Inspirations or artist muse you?

  • God is my number one inspiration. I pray every day for direction, strength, abundance, opportunity and most importantly to fill me with love in everything I do! In terms of artists-man! I have many influences! I think Beyonce, Selena, and Jennifer Lopez as far as female solo artists and Marc Anthony, Tupac and Kendrick Lamar in terms of male artists! I also grew up listening to a lot of Latin music (especially for Saturday morning house cleanings), so I am also influenced by artists like Celia Cruz, La India, DLG, and Monchy Y Alexandra!

What do you sacrifice to achieve your goals?

  • Sanity! Lol! In all seriousness, I sacrifice time with loved ones, sleep and comfortability-but I know everything will be well worth it!

If you could perform with your favorite singer, who would it be?

  • Beyoncé! ❤ 

Itunes?! That’s a huge step! Tell us about your single, Lucky…

  • Thank you! I’m so excited! Lucky is a song that I recorded with Ray C here in San Diego! It was produced by Basshead, an amazing producer also coming out of Daygo. When we first went in, I knew I wanted to do something everyone can relate to! Sometimes in relationships, we get too comfortable and forget about the magic! We forget the things that will keep our significant other happy and I just went to that place. The great thing about working with Ray C is that he will bring the most out of you lyrically and challenge you vocally. I’ll have those moments when I’m like “DAMN!!! ITS FINE” LOL but in the end, I’m so grateful to have someone that will give me the real and push me! I’ve actually been blessed with a few of these people! No “yes men”! When the mixing was done everyone looked at each other like “This is the single!”


What keeps your going? At that moment when you feel like giving up…what pushes you to keep going?  

  • Prayer, food, family or my best friend! lol

The most Random moment that changed your life?

  • The first time I saw a Beyonce concert. Her stage presence and quality were out of this world. This is the moment I absolutely knew I wanted to do this.

Do you have any gigs coming up?  

  • Yes! My first show will be May 12th at Crazy Goose in downtown SD! More to come they will be posted on my Facebook at and on my website (the website is launching in two months)

In your opinion, what would make the world a better place?  

  • Love! If we all made an effort to spread love, let our actions reflect love and love ourselves this world would reflect love. Love is the key!

What do you obsess over? Some people love snapchat filters or lipstick, what is one thing you cannot leave the house without?

  • My hoop earrings!!! Honorable mentions go to self-help books, early 2000’s JLO videos, Rihanna’s style, everything DJ Khaled and Pinterest!


I want to thank Nani and her team for allowing to share a little bit about her! I can’t wait to hear  more music. Make sure you follow her and listen to her new single! San Diego is doing the dang thing! Keep working mama!



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