#TheThriftLife: Goodwill Haul & Contest!


Hi, Lovelies!

I’m so excited to be stepping into May with you all and I’m even more ecstatic to share my goodies with you!.. not those goodies..

About two weeks ago I went on a total shopping spree… to the Goodwill. Yes! I am about that thrift life. I love finding weird, different and fresh pieces that people may have missed the value in.  My goal when thrifting is to find a few staple pieces and intricate pieces. I think I did a really good job this time around.

So I decided to share them with you!

Challenge: Check my Instagram and tell me which pieces you think are thrift AND how much;  the person that gets the correct answer gets a special treat from me! Like seriously, my goal in life is to GIVE!

I will reveal the prices and who won in a YouTube video. So… let’s get to it! Remember, follow me on IG and comment your answers in the post comments.

So I’m going on a trip for 6 days to the big D. Oops, I mean to Dallas! I needed some base pieces and fun pieces to make some outfits for my trip. I also made a new wig.. (We’ll talk about that later, girl).

‘Stop being so Neg’ Shirt, Custom Destroyed Boyfriend knee-length, gold hoop earrings, white chucks

Here is my first outfit! I’m wearing this on the plane Wednesday. What did I get from GW and for how much? ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~>

I really want to take all of these sweet babies with me to Texas but unfortunately, I can’t. It’ll be fun to see how many shoes I can fit in my suitcase. 🙂

My second outfit, I love this look because it’s lightweight and here my chucks again! I plan on wearing this on a hot day.

Short denim’s, yellow fitted woven vest, white Chuck Taylors
Black stretch cotton & faux leather leggings, green jeweled crop sweater, black pointed flats or open toe heel

This is my favorite look so far! I can’t wait to snapchat the complete look! Make sure you follow me! @HeyMissPaarker and add me on Instagram! 





Denim blue sailor shorts, crop mustard long sleeve sweater, brown booties


I think I’m going to stop here. I have tons of pieces from the thrift store but too many outfits to make. I will post them on IG and all of the outfits I wear throughout my trip! I hope you enjoy and I can’t wait to see who wins! Good Luck & Blessings!












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