Travel: Day 2 in Dallas, TX!

What’s Up, Dallas!?

So Wednesday I traveled to Dallas, TX. One of my favorite places to visit. One of my teenage memories. A place I called home for about a year. Today, I’m here to glean on the amazing experience only two days in.


LAX is a wonderful airport. Honestly, each time I’ve flown out of the International Airport; I haven’t had any disappointments. Why?

I think it’s important to truly be prepared. To get with the program when it comes to traveling and understanding busy airports. To my understanding, it is also important to travel on days that people are NOT traveling. Days that are irrelevant and unpopular.


So, how clutch is this: I read my Richard Bronson book that I casually and unintentionally stole from my public library. Yes, I stole a few books on accident but haven’t made the stop to drop them off. I’ll probably pay the fine because I really want to keep this book. Heh.


Well, I read the book while during my flight and now, Virgin America is my new guilty pleasure. Sadly, they’re going to be bought out by Alaska Airlines. So the air bunnies are saying.


During my flight, I met two wonderful women that I had the privilege of sitting in between. One to my right was a caucasian lady in her early 50’s. The other was a black woman in her late 70’s. Then, there is me, late 20’s. The plethora of knowledge and wisdom and laughter.

California is that you?

Once I stepped outside, I was confused. The weather was actually exactly what I wanted and what I planned for. It was not Texas weather one bit. In the beginning of May. It was not humid. It was the breezy California weather that truly gave me the notion that all of my sweaters are going to get the best use ever.


So you’re probably thinking, “this is great B… but what is the point of this post?” Okay, I came for a list of reasons. First, to breathe. Second, to work and network. That’s how I can give it to you in a nutshell. Honestly, my first two days are dedicated to blogging and resting. Friday there’s JMBLYA (Chance The Rapper is headlining) and I got my ticket for $22.50 thanks to Stubhub.  


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Next stop…





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