Don’t Hate, E X F O L I A T E!

Good Afternoon Visionstas!

Today is a special facial day! My girl, Golden Roland at Beats & Balance has been sharing some amazing tips and pointers on how to take care of your face. Last time, she shared some goodies on facial massages. Something I need to spend MORE time doing.


Now, we get to learn how to make a scrub and work on the other important stuff; exfoliating! 

Below, Golden has explained the details exfoliation, picking the right ingredients for your scrubs and the benefits.  I’m loving this because as soon you give yourself a facial massage (or before) you can fall right into this routine.





So, the real question is, are you hating or scrubbing? Is your exfoliating, or walking around these parts with bad skin. Seriously, let’s get it together sis, your skin the largest organ on your body. It needs to breathe. It needs to LIVE!

For more goodies like this, check out the previous post my Visionsta, Golden wrote about selfie massage and how you can enjoy this summer ready to serve with the best massages with will serve the selfie game. Get that blood flow going and those pores will thank you!


H A P P Y S C R U B I N G !






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