Lucky 7s! Speculative Risk but Worth The Roll

Am I a terrible blog mother or am I a good blog mother? There is no wrong or right answer honestly. These past couple of months have been a mixture of high and low emotions. A whirlwind of random instances, changes, and opportunities to network on a level where I have been praying for. So, here’s an update. Here is a snip of exactly what the heck has been going on in my life.

First, I picked up a few new gigs. Seriously, I had to. Meet your official media director for a company called Blaqknoiz. I gave myself that fancy name after graduating from the school of Hard Knockz, it just sounds good. But truly, while in Dallas an old friend of mine contacted me to become a radio host. Before I knew it; I’m landing in California and into my car to meet with him a day later. Not only did he need me for radio;  but with media in general from interviews to blog content to bios and proposals.  So with the honor and privilege, I am now the overseer of media for BlaqkNoiz.

Roll The Dice.. take the chance.

Then, I wanted to save the world and change people’s lives…

People Helping People is not just a phrase that someone came up with. Patrick Bet-David is a game changer in the entrepreneurial field. Not everyone is meant for business. Not everyone is meant for the struggle and the unknown. Business is just that if you ask Gary Vee. To make a long story short, I was looking for a new and more affordable life insurance policy because I was no longer feeling LIEmerica.. (I don’t usually shade but eh, whatevs). I contacted a friend of mine because I knew her husband was a life insurance agent. Then, I became a trainee. Now, I am studying to take my test and pass so I can change lives and collect those coins!

Contributors for

The last thing, As you know, I have one contributor for the blog about two months ago. Golden comes up with the best content for my beauty & wellness section. I mean she gives me life every time we talk about her next subject. We are pushing forward but I am also bringing someone else on… I haven’t decided her category yet but she is way cool and has a very outgoing personality.

At this moment in life, I am feeling confident about the roles I play and positions I’ve secured and believe they will pay off. There is so much more I can share and tell you but I would rather you experience it with me.


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