Lituation: JMBLYA 2017

Happy Saturday Yall! So basically that simple greeting makes me a southern gal! Truly. Why am I in California again? I love the south. But lots of natives say the humidity will change my mind but I'm down for the cause regardless. Anyway, what I really came here to share with ya'll is the lituation... Continue Reading →


Musical Muse: Nani – San Diego’s Realist

Yo! #Visionistas! I’m screaming H A P P Y FRIDAY! We made it through another week and I’m truly excited about the process! I know all of you have been boomin’! Getting things done throughout the week and probably even stressing... But guess what?! You made it! To God be the Glory!   Well I... Continue Reading →

A Musical Muse: Noname

Good Morning, Good Afternoon, Happy Weekday, and Good Evening to my fellow Visionistas & go-getters! I hope you all have been enjoying your week getting your WERK done and living life to the fullest! If you didn't know, I am a music troll. I love all kinds of music. From production to writing to performance and... Continue Reading →

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