#TheFoodieLife: Unleavened @ Dallas, TX.

June! Really?! Time is flying way too fast for me but this just means that this summer is going to be full of fun life things! So as you know, I went to Dallas at the beginning of May and it was truly LIT. My sister and I are spontaneous but very simple. We both know... Continue Reading →


#TheLupusLife: Restlessness, Pain, & Living with Lupus

Hi friends! I am so behind on blogging that I should be ashamed. I tried to schedule three weeks worth of blogs this past month. Ask me how well that went. Yea, no. ANYWAY... how transparent am I as a lupus warrior? I feel like we don't talk about the pains of Lupus enough but... Continue Reading →

Lituation: JMBLYA 2017

Happy Saturday Yall! So basically that simple greeting makes me a southern gal! Truly. Why am I in California again? I love the south. But lots of natives say the humidity will change my mind but I'm down for the cause regardless. Anyway, what I really came here to share with ya'll is the lituation... Continue Reading →

Measure x Measure

Measure x Measure How real is your faith? Good Evening! I might ask for your forgiveness on this post because it is BEYOND late. My stay in Dallas took a  lot of different turns but nonetheless all a blessing. My reason for this post is simply for two reasons: I needed to step out of... Continue Reading →

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Travel: Day 2 in Dallas, TX!

What's Up, Dallas!? So Wednesday I traveled to Dallas, TX. One of my favorite places to visit. One of my teenage memories. A place I called home for about a year. Today, I’m here to glean on the amazing experience only two days in.   LAX is a wonderful airport. Honestly, each time I’ve flown... Continue Reading →

#TheThriftLife: Goodwill Haul & Contest!

CONTEST CLOSED! Hi, Lovelies! I'm so excited to be stepping into May with you all and I'm even more ecstatic to share my goodies with you!.. not those goodies.. About two weeks ago I went on a total shopping spree... to the Goodwill. Yes! I am about that thrift life. I love finding weird, different... Continue Reading →

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Use him and Lose Him

Have you ever heard the phrase, "It's not a blessing if you had to sin to get it."? Are you in a relationship? Like a real reciprocative relationship? Like you like him, he likes you and the whole thing is a mutual relationship. If so this blog is not for you. I want to talk... Continue Reading →

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Musical Muse: Nani – San Diego’s Realist

Yo! #Visionistas! I’m screaming H A P P Y FRIDAY! We made it through another week and I’m truly excited about the process! I know all of you have been boomin’! Getting things done throughout the week and probably even stressing... But guess what?! You made it! To God be the Glory!   Well I... Continue Reading →

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