#TheMomLife: Co-Parental Control

Let me be honest when I dreamed of having kids, it involved a tall handsome number that adored me and our baby.  We took the coordinated outfit pictures and tag teamed reading bedtime stories. When I decided the energy I was putting into my romantic relationship to make it work would be more beneficial by... Continue Reading →


Co Parental Control: How To Take Control of Your Co-Parenting Relationship

  Good Afternoon #Visionistas! Today, I am excited to share that we have a new contributor to #TheMomLife section! Her name is Kailin Scott and she's such a mom.. a new mom actually. Her goal is to share her experience and amazing writing skills with the rest of you moms out there. Ladies & #Visionistas Kailin... Continue Reading →

How Will God Use Your Boat?

  After arriving home from the hospital, I was overwhelmed with thoughts and feelings of how God has moved in my life.  This flare was life-changing; it was life-threatening. I felt God’s anger toward me and thought, “Well this could be it.” It felt like so much punishment and I had to deal with it.... Continue Reading →

Don’t Hate, E X F O L I A T E!

Good Afternoon Visionstas! Today is a special facial day! My girl, Golden Roland at Beats & Balance has been sharing some amazing tips and pointers on how to take care of your face. Last time, she shared some goodies on facial massages. Something I need to spend MORE time doing.   Now, we get to... Continue Reading →

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